Crowdfunding campaign: FlyBykes memberships

FlyBykes needs your support to 'take off'!

We not only want to raise money, but also build an engaged community. We can offer you something in return.

So this isn't a simple fundraising appeal, we'd rather offer you something fun or valuable...or both. There is a membership level for each amount listed. For €360 you even get a plaque with your name* on the wall next to the main entrance. So that everyone can see directly what foundation the store stands on.

This is what the three membership models look like:

FlyBykes Supporter Card 💛
  • 10% discount on repair bills for 1 year
  • Workshops 20% discount
  • 1 year of coffee for the price of one employee

FlyBykes Midlink Card 🧡🧡

  • Additionally: 50% discount on all open events

FlyBykes Founders Card + Patreon Plaque ❤️❤️❤️

  • Additionally: FlyBykes Hoodie
  • Supporter plaque on the wall


To purchase memberships, please use the links on the homepage.

Support options for companies and organizations

You can also support FlyBykes with your organization or company.
Please ask us by email or phone about custom plaque designs and payment options.

L badge + 1 evening (6 hours) Rent of the showroom (120m2): 540 €
Plaque twice as big on the wall, interesting for your company or organization

XL badge + 1 weekend rental of the showroom: 900
4x as large plaque for you, your company or organization


We look forward to your support and of course your feedback!

*Don't want your name on a plaque? Then simply suggest a text or slogan to us. For example, it could have to do with traffic, cycling culture or your reasons for supporting FlyBykes.