About Us

Hello, we are FlyBykes, a largely crowd-funded bike shop in Berlin Neukölln. We want to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable city. That's why we have high-quality (cargo) bikes, the associated bike service and a unique bike café.

(Cargo) Bikes

In a modern and prosperous city, there is no sustainable future without cargo bikes. In the long term, we will focus on becoming a place of "access" to cargo bikes rather than a store where you can just buy a cargo bike.


With a bike worth several thousand euros, you don't want "cheap" service. That's why we designed and developed our workshop in close collaboration with the VSF (Association for Service and Bicycles) and want to qualify for the VSF all.Ride certification this year.
Maintaining a good bike regularly is always more sustainable than riding it until it stops working.

Community & Cycling Culture

For a city worth living in, we urgently need more bicycles on the streets. But we cannot simply wait for the transport transition to happen on its own. That's why we want to get involved socially and politically. We want to bring a community of (cargo) bike lovers together and provide a place where we can all feel comfortable and exchange ideas.

We will offer workshops and courses about bicycles and bicycle maintenance, open our workshop for supervised repair evenings and offer events about bicycle culture, transport transition and politics.
Starting next year, all of this will take place in our café and partly in our workshop. And not online.

If you have any questions or ideas, or just want to say hello and chat, just come along.

See you soon!